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[Pre-order] Uni-ball ONE P Gel Rollerball Pen 0.38 / 0.5 (8 Colours)

Uni Mitsubishi

Pre-order item, expect to ship out in late May
Pen Length:
11.5 cm
Pen Diameter:
1.9 cm with clip
Nib Size:
0.38 or 0.5 mm
Water-Based Gel
Ink Colour:

The expected release date is 27.05.24

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Kindly note that this is a pre-order item. If you order other items with it, the full order will be shipped out in late May.

The Uni-ball ONE P won the Design Award of the Japanese Stationery Awards 2024! It is a cute gel pen that goes perfectly with your Traverler's Notebook passport size! This pen is shorter than a regular Uni-ball ONE and easy to hold, allowing you to quickly pick it up and start writing. The pen tip is also equipped with a metal stabilizer mechanism to ensure stable writing comfort.

Uni-ball ONE P features a revolutionary ink that provides a clear colour without bleeding. It brings crisp, vibrant black lines regardless of the type of paper. There is also a functional and strong wire pocket clip that opens widely for easy attachment to documents, folders or notebooks.

0.38 mm: Peach, Coffee, Orange, Mint and Soda
0.5 mm: Grape, Banana and Yogurt

Uni-ball ONE P Gel Rollerball Pen 0.38Uni-ball ONE P Gel Rollerball Pen 0.5

  • Pen Length: 11.5 cm
  • Pen Diameter: 1.9 cm with clip
  • Nib Size: 0.38 or 0.5 mm
  • Water-Based Pigment Gel Ink
  • Black ink colour
  • Made in Japan
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Uni Logo

Uni Mitsubishi, also known as uni or uni-ball, is a Japanese writing instruments manufacture established in 1887. For over a century, uni-ball has been a global leader in providing innovative writing and art instruments.

The brand offers a wide range of products that includes high performing pencils, mechanical pencils, rollerball, ballpoint, felt-tip pens and markers.