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Fill My Box

Fill My Box

What is it?

Our "Fill My Box" service allows you to open a box for 4 weeks, purchase and fill in stationery items whenever you want, and pay the shipping fees all at once when you close the box.

What are the benefits?

1. You can be among the first ones to get our new stationery and pre-order products. Even if you're only interested in one item, there's no more worry about "out of stock".

2. It will be easier to reach the minimum amount for free shipping*, so that you can save more on the shipping costs!

3. As our "Fill My Box" user, you will get special freebies with your order - try out our new products of the month :)


*Available in France, EU, Switzerland, UK, US and Canada, please click HERE for the free shipping details.

How does it work?

How does Fill My Box work?


- This service is currently available in Europe and UK only.

- There is no minimum order value to open the box.
- Any cancellation of the items added to the box will be refunded as store credits in your account.

- If the box contains pre-order items, the ship-out date will depend on the release date of the pre-order items.