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TRAVELER'S Notebook 2024 - Weekly & Memo Refill (Regular Size)


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Regular (21 x 11 x 0.4 cm)
Set of:
2 Notebooks
Weekly Horizontal + Memo
Midori MD Paper
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The 2024 Weekly & Memo Diary of TRAVELER’S notebook features a weekly diary with a page worth of memo space. This set of Regular Size includes two notebooks - each covers the first half and second half of 2024. Each notebook contains year calendars for 24 months, monthly planners, weekly planners and memo pages for 6 months. For the weekly planner, you can find 7 days of the week sectioned on the left, and a full grid note page on the right, allowing you to plan your days and keep memories together in one book.

This refill uses Midori MD paper, developed specifically in pursuit of the perfect writing experience. You can use a variety of writing instruments (including fountain pens) without bleed-through. The set also comes with a guide book and a sticker sheet for customisation.

TRAVELER'S Notebook 2024 Weekly Refill in passport size is also available at 85 Rue Tranquille.

  • Regular size (21 x 11 x 0.4 cm)
  • 68 pages x 2 notebooks
  • Midori MD Paper
  • Fountain pen friendly
  • Made in Japan

TRAVELER’S TOWN 2024 Limited Edition

Travler's Notebook 2024 - TRAVELER'S TOWN

The 2024 version of Plastic Sheet, Clear Folder, and Customised Sticker Set features a theme a TRAVELER’S TOWN that warmly welcomes travellers.

Travellers come and go all over the world, and the town has become a bustling place. Such an appearance creates a liveliness in the town and arouses the desire to travel. If there is a TRAVELER’S TOWN somewhere in the world and you travel there, you will feel uplifted and positive. The Traveler's Company wants people to spend the year 2024 feeling like they are travelling through a TRAVELER’S TOWN. With this in mind, they have chosen this year’s theme.

Is it hoped that in 2024, we can travel freely all over the world. When you are ready to travel, why not start by visiting TRAVELER’S TOWN?



The TRAVELER'S COMPANY is a renowned Japanese stationery brand with a former name "MIDORI". The brand name has been changed in 2015 as all their products are inspired by the theme of travel. Its three main product lines are TRAVELER'S NOTEBOOK, BRASS PRODUCTS and SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK.

TRAVELER'S notebook (TN) has a mysterious power. Highly customisable, multipurpose, sustainable, good quality paper and leather cover are all the features you can find in TRAVELER'S notebook. Customising this notebook in your own way makes you feel like starting something new to write in it or go traveling to an unknown world.