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Pion Matte PET Tape - Twilight (3.5cm)


€1,80 - €17,90
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3.5 cm x 10 m
100 cm
Glossy PET with release paper
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The Pion Twilight Matte PET Tape features cute hand-drawn flowers, coffee, butterflies and cats. Best for adding a soft and sweet touch to your bullet journals, planners, notebooks, cards, letters and crafts.

PET tapes and washi tapes can complement each other to create layers on your creative journal. Meanwhile, PET tapes have more vibrant colours and the waterproof and wear-resistant features allow a wider and easier use.

Optimise your basket! Apart from the full tape, you may also choose to purchase one loop (100 cm long) which contains all the patterns of this design.

  • 3.5 cm x 10 m, 100 cm loop
  • Matte PET material with release paper
  • Waterproof and wear-resistant
  • Perfect for scrapbooking, embossing and decorating
  • Made in Taiwan

Pion Glossy PET Tape - Twilight (3.5cm)Pion Glossy PET Tape - Twilight (3.5cm)Pion Glossy PET Tape - Twilight (3.5cm)Pion Glossy PET Tape - Twilight (3.5cm)




Pion is a Taiwanese stationery brand specialising in designing and creating aesthetic PET tapes, transfer stickers and rubber stamps. Their girl-style stationery is the most popular among the journaling community, which can add an amazing touch to your diaries and notebooks.