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[Pre-order] OURS Sticker Sheet - Cat's Gathering

OURS Studio

Pre-order item, expect to ship out in late May
10 x 12 cm
Set of:
21 stickers

The expected release date is 30.05.24

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Kindly note that this is a pre-order item. If you order other items with it, the full order will be shipped out in late May.

Dive into a delightful alternate reality with the OURS Sticker Sheet - Cat's Gathering. If you loved the charming felines from the Sticker Memo Tape "Life with Cats", prepare to be enchanted all over again by their parallel universe counterparts. Each sticker captures the whimsical, mischievous essence of our beloved cats, showcasing them in new, unexpected styles that are sure to capture any cat lover's heart.

Key Features:

  • Unique and Playful Designs: Featuring 21 distinct stickers per sheet, each cat flaunts a totally different look, embodying a world where anything is possible. From striped tabbies wearing bow ties to fluffy siamese in monocles, these cats are dressed for mischief and merriment.
  • Perfect for Cat Enthusiasts: These stickers are a cat lover's dream, ideal for personalising notebooks, scrapbooks, laptops, or any space that could use a touch of feline flair. Each sticker is a window into a playful, mischievous world where cats reign supreme.
  • High-Quality Imagery: Printed with precision and care, the stickers offer vibrant colours and crisp details, making each character pop. The adhesive backing is strong yet surface-friendly, ensuring your cats stay put wherever you place them.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you're decorating, crafting, or just looking to add some personality to your belongings, these stickers are up for the task. Use them to brighten up letters, spice up journal entries, or give a gift a personal touch.

The OURS Sticker Sheet - Cat's Gathering is not just a sticker set; it's an invitation to celebrate the quirky, endearing qualities of cats in a fun, imaginative way. Perfect for collectors, crafters, and anyone who can't resist the charm of a curious cat, these stickers are sure to bring joy and a hint of whimsy to your day.

  • 10 x 12 cm
  • Set of 21 stickers
  • PET material
  • Made in Taiwan

OURS Sticker Sheet - Cat's GatheringOURS Sticker Sheet - Cat's Gathering



OURS Studio Logo

Founded in 2013, OURS Studio is a Taiwanese stationery brand that is committed to watercolour illustration and journal creation. With unique flowers, desserts and forest small animal illustrations as the main themes, they bring cute and dreamy watercolour illustrations into our lives.

These watercolour illustrations have been later developed into stationery items, such as the well-known OURS Research Project Journal, notebooks, washi tapes, stickers and stamps. OURS Studio hopes to enrich everyone's lives through their variety of illustrations and works.