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Mind Wave Hokkori PET Tape - Animal (7mm)

Mind Wave

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7 mm x 5 m
Transparent Matte PET
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Introducing the beloved Mind Wave Animal Hokkori PET Tape, a popular 7mm clear tape loved for its versatility and ease of use!

Featuring classic and easy-to-use motifs, this tape allows you to create frames of your desired size and stack bricks freely, giving you endless possibilities for decorating notebooks and other items. The animal design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, allowing you to enjoy sticking them in a variety of ways depending on your ideas.

Mind Wave's clear tape is designed with convenience in mind, making it perfect for decorating notebooks and other items. Its matte finish blends seamlessly with paper, while its translucent material ensures a stunning effect when applied over paper or stickers.

Crafted from PET material, this tape is not only water-resistant but also durable, making it ideal for wrapping and decorating small items. Elevate your crafting experience with the Mind Wave Animal Hokkori PET Tape, and let your creativity shine in every project.

  • 7 mm x 5 m
  • Transparent Matte PET material
  • Perfect for planners and notebooks
  • Made in Japan



Mind Wave Logo

Mind Wave was established in 1990 and becomes one of the most popular stationery brands in Japan. Their company mission is to "Make your dreams come true" with a wide collection of cute stickers, washi tapes, sticky notes, letter sets, and accessories. The products are created with their original cute animal characters such as Shibanban, Nyansuke, Piyoko beans, and Mu-chan the rabbit. If you are a collector of Japanese kawaii stationeries, Mind Wave is the best for you!